Digital Toys

One of the best parts of the Passover seder is the hunt for the afikomen after the meal. Because of social distancing and COVID-19, the seder for 5780/2020 was virtual, so I had to take the afikomen hunt virtual as well. My goal was to recreate the experience of searching the basement as closely as possible, including having various levels of difficulty in finding the afikomen to make it entertaining for everyone. Ironically, the one I thought was the easiest to find was actually the hardest.

The pictures were taken on an Insta360 camera and edited for use in Photoshop. I used Three.js to present the edited images and handle camera zoom on pinch/zoom, as well as placing orbs for navigation in the space. Past that, it was a lot of if statements to see what was clicked when. As far as efficient code goes, this won't win any awards, and stressed my computer during development. It was a game of time - I only had time to make it work well enough, not perfect, and that's what it did. If we're still locked down next year, I'll make it better (and re-hide the afikomen).

For reasons now really worth going in to here, I wanted to see if I could create a glitter-ish simulator on a computer. Real life glitter is so messy and gets everywhere, but it's kind of fun to play with (as long as you're not the one cleaing it up). Turns out I could make it. It's not perfect, and probably not super performant, but it works.

This was my first experiment with an HTML canvas and a ton of JavaScript. It does basic cursor/touch detection, and will semi-randomly scatter glitter within a finger-ish radius.