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Not all leadership roles come with "manager" or "director" in the title.

Working with lead individual contributors can provide insight and additional avenues by which facilitating a strong team can be accomplished.

In this session, we'll share what it's like for a principal engineer with aspirations of leadership to partner with a strong manager to help build and drive a team to greatness.

Streamlined App Development with Shared Libraries

AppForum 2019, Zebra Technologies, October 1, 2019

Wondering what the best way to speed up app development for software aimed at 300,000 captive users across a suite of 20 different apps? We’ll show you how we’ve solved that at Target through shared libraries, solving problems from logging and metrics to dealing with hardware and authentication.

At Target, we’ve found value in making common offerings available to development teams, from everything ranging from authentication and authorization to logging and metrics to application deployment. By providing a set of common Android services to our mobile engineers, we’re able to bring this concept and much of the shared infrastructure down to the mobile devices themselves. Having this common set of libraries has made application development faster, more consistent and reliable to our fellow engineers, and allows them to focus on creating value for the business and solving problems. We’ve even extended it to common UI elements, making our interfaces consistent and fast to develop.

If knowing is half the battle, having the most information available is the best way to win. Using real-time log streaming and a knowledge of the data passing through the system, metrics can provide more depth and breadth in to the goings on requests as they pass through various parts of the stack. This session will cover the difference between logging and metrics, writing JSON and Influx Line Protocol in VCL, and building out dashboards to give deeper insights (and more importantly, alerting) on requests and responses at the edge.

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  • Migrating Target to Fastly

    Altitude 2015, Fastly, June 2, 2015

    This talk covered the addition of Fastly to Target's existing API infrastructure, including some of the challenges and successes observed along the way.