June 12, 2020
The Next eddieroger.com

It's summer of 2020, and it's been forever since I updated my website. The world is on a freeze, more or less, because of the spread of COVID-19. I've got time on my hands. Clearly, it's time to redo my website.

Every time I've touched this site, I've made an effort to bring forward old content. I'm somewhat of a packrat, particularly when it comes to digital things that are easy to move, and I thought maybe there was value in bringing stuff forward. So, as is the usual with a site migration, I tried to do it again. A while ago, I picked Markdown as a format, so I'm just moving text files around, not running WordPress exports or other such scripts. Time to parse that frontmatter yet again, right?

A quick aside - at the start of the year, my parents moved out of my childhood home to a (slightly) smaller house. Part of this included six months of purging out stuff that we didn't want to move. My dad is really great about knowing how to evaluate what matters and what doesn't when it comes to keeping stuff. I tried to learn this from him, since I figured it would never be harder for anyone than deciding what of their own stuff will move and what will go. I think I did learn.

I've decided that I'm not bringing everything forward. I'm just going to start over. I've owned this domain for nearly two decades now, and the person I was when I started blogging just isn't who I am now, and I don't think it's worth bringing all of that content forward. Two decades ago, I was an invincible sophomore at IU, and everything I said was the most interesting thing ever said and should live on forever. It wasn't, and that's fine. I blogged about stupid shit then. I don't want to do that anymore, but I will keep some of it around as an indicator of what not to do now. Plus, it's kind of novel to have a blog with 15+ years of survivng content (thanks, in part, to the Wayback Machine).

What I have done is deliberately chosen to keep it simple, both in how the site is managed and how it displays. It may look like there's no styling, but that's deliberate, and believe me, superficial. I don't want to get caught up on pixel-perfect designs or colors, I want to focus on the context. That said, there is the framework of a theming engine underneath (theme-ui, thanks to Gatsby), which I can take advantage of later, and likely will. I've also brought forward some of the styling I've enjoyed over the year. Particularly, the lower case heading is from the era when Adult Swim had just started their simple white-on-black bumpers with lots of lower case text and square brackets (which they're still running with).

I have gone back and found posts that are worth keeping, but I'd rather feature those and dump the rest. There was a period where WordPress imported Twitter posts as entries - those definitely don't have to live on. I'd rather spend the next bit reminiscing on the past just presenting it verbatim. I'd also rather focus on the great things I'm doing now and will do - in the last few years, I've started speaking at conferences, and I've grown my love of computers in to a career on a really solid trajectory. Those are far more interesting than pictures from a formal in 2004, or lamentations of working on a WikiBot framework that hasn't been touched in 10 years. For the ones that come forward, I'll add some context to them around why they survived. It's not a complete loss, but more a jumpstart to move forward. Just know that everything still here is here on purpose.

I'm mostly wiping the slate clean. Welcome to the next eddieroger.com

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