July 29, 2017
Starting Over Yet Again

I started blogging during my sophomore year of college. For some reason, late-teens me though the world may care enough about what I had to say that I started writing it down. I remember it being vaguely popular - let's call them rose-colored hindsight goggles - and was something I enjoyed putting effort in to. My site has gone from Dreamweaver-only static pages, through various blogging engines like WordPress to Moveable Type back to WordPress, and from provider to provider to provider.

And here we are, again, starting over.

I blame the workflow. Even though WordPress has a lovely interface and great API, sometimes I want to open a text editor - of which I have many, and many preferences - and start writing. I also don't want to write in HTML, I want to write in Markdown. I'm sure WordPress would let me do that, but not natively. The dance of uploading images, if applicable, was always harder than it had to be. So, I'm starting over. Again.

Why Markdown? It's expressive. I write Markdown daily in the form of documentation hosted on GitHub, or as emphasis in chats. Even if it's not rendered, it's clear that two asterisks around a word should be bold, or the extra space of an underscore should designate italics. Bulleted lists just need an asterisk. Clearly, I'm a fan.

Last time I switched engines, I made a real effort to re-import everything to WordPress. I don't think I'm going to do that again. There may be a few things out there worth saving, like my election day post or tech things, but overall, I don't see the value in preserving it. Things change. I change. Time to move forward.

Really, I just want to write more. If you're reading this, something brought you to my site, and I appreciate that. I have always enjoyed writing, and find it frustrating when I don't do more of it. I even like writing documentation, because it gives me a chance to put down some prose. Hopefully, by getting to the simplest form of blog possible - plain text in a folder - and having a stupid simple workflow - git commit -a -m "New blog post" - I'll do that. Maybe it'll even be interesting, who knows?

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