December 15, 2013
A Year’s Worth of Changes

Its kind of embarrassing to look at my last post and see thats its a year old. Whats worse, the info in it is wrong. The epilogue of that story is that I didnt stay on an EC2 instance, and Im not blogging with Octopress anymore. Like I said, changes.

Octopress was fun, but The amount of work between me conceiving a post and publishing it was too high. Generating the site was slow. Previewing a single post was slower. Having it be git controlled made it difficult to keep the development in sync across my world. Worst of all, I could never remember the Rake command to make a new post. Then when I went to publish it, I was left with enough time to go get coffee before it went live. Static HTML is fast to serve, but slow to publish.

So Im back to WordPress. Its not a bad platform, and my issues with it are more around the Internets incredible misuse of it. Of all the things its not, it is a blog engine, and thats what I need. I want to be able to write a post from my iPad in Starbucks, or sit and write long-form at home. Snapping a picture on my phone and posting it is an attractive offer. I can reskin it a dozen times a year in styles that look great.

Ive also hone away from EC2 back to a simplified single Linode instance. I tried there to make some complicated scheme that used firewalls and distributed databases, but I was over-engineering a solution to a non-problem. So this, too, Ive simplified. LAMP at the core on a single box. Its still secure (details of which I wont publish, yet, because why find out that Im vulnerable just by showing my walls), so I can sleep at night not worried that Ill wake to a nastygram from Linode about disk IO or network spikes. And with WordPress is active development with a strong community, Im not worried about the engine, either.

Those are just the technical changes. There have been plenty of life changes to match, but its late, and Im tired of looking at WordPress. I know I make this promise on every first-post-after-a-long-gap, but I will be writing more. Ive removed the barriers, so theres no excuse. Plus, Ive got ideas, so that helps.

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