December 07, 2012
Staying with Amazon

I wrote a few weeks ago about a move to Amazon AWS for this site, and I've been exceptionally pleased with it thus far. My original goals for trying AWS was a super low-cost and universally available VPN server for my iPhone or iPad when I'm not on my home network. It worked really well and really fast, but I was taken in by the idea of being able to spin up servers basically on demand. It was like having NewEgg available for almost free, 24×7. Nice.

I set off on an experiment to host my site on AWS for a month or so, and after the usage normalized, see where I stood with billing. Assuming that the cost for server time will stay stable given that none of my sites do huge traffic, I think I am comfortable with the idea of moving over completely to AWS. My site has had no issues, configuration is really easy, and should I ever spike, I can scale really easily.

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