January 01, 2012

Happy New Year.

Resolutions are a big part of New Years, but I've never really got it. I mean, I do on a superficial level nothing says opportunity to start something new like a brand new year but I've never needed a prompt like that to begin something fresh. Now, I will usually start new things on a Sunday for similar reasons, but I get 52 of those a year instead of just one. What's more, my birthday is right around the corner from New Year's, so why not use that?

That said, there are plenty of things I have on my list to accomplish in 2012. Some are worth sharing and may get their own blog post, some are fairly personal and probably won't. But, Internet, have no fear blogging more is high up on the list, because I love you. For now, just take this as a sign of good faith 2012 won't necessarily be a year of change (because isn't every?), but it will be a year of accomplishments. So, here's to it.

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