January 31, 2011
Yet Another Epic Gap in Writing

I was so sure that having WordPress on my phone would make me blog more. Sure,

it yielded a few neat photographs from "the field," but nothing really came of

it. Sad I guess, and I apologize, even though I'm not sure to whom I'm

apologizing since it's unlikely anyone stuck around when the entries ended.

I guess it comes down to having nothing interesting to say. I half-wrote a

social media post in the spirit of my epic Twitter farewell, but it never got

realized in a form I liked. Work has certainly provided me with a of insight

in to what I think of SM in general, and it comes down to "who cares?" I mean,

I know people do care of it wouldn't be an industry, but part of me can't get

past the fact that I think it's only important because we as a people say it

is. Think about it why do you want to be friends with a company? Do you

think they're really following you back?

Maybe it's my inner nihilist coming out to play, but I feel the same way about

this blog to an extent I like the idea that one day I'm going to look back

and be able to loosely piece together my life, but right now I'm questioning

the value in it.

On another topic altogether, I've started learning to code for iPhone and

Android. It's really funny to be learning about both of them at the same time,

but I think that's a series of posts better saved for their own entries.

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