September 21, 2008
One Week Down…

Like most of my hobbies, he workout plan started as a "good idea." Actually, last Sunday I was sitting (laying, who sits in bed?) thinking that working out would be a good idea. So I set my resolve, went to work Monday, and when I came home, after a fair amount of self-persuading, I got of my bum and went to the "gym" in the building. One painful mile and a shower later, I had worked out. Six days later, here I am. And, in the process, I've learned a few things. Here they are:

  • I'm out of shape. That's not a surprise (or secret), but as they say, admitting it is the first step. So there, I said it. Let's move on.
  • Not unlike many things, broken stuff can be fixed. Every day, I start to think it gets a little easier. Whether or not I'm fooling myself doesn't matter if I think it's getting easier, then I'm more likely to keep doing it. So long as I take my heart rate during the workout and make sure that it's up in the right zone, then that is what's important.
  • I like talking about my new habit. Maybe it makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger, maybe it's just a kick to talk about working out, or maybe I'm a junkie for the "good for you"s that I get. Again, it's not important so long as I keep doing it (and I don't get annoying to those who listen to me).
  • I dig the rituals around the workout. For me, this is coming back afterward and syncing my iPod to see my workout data proudly displayed on iTunes and Nike's Flash site. They say that monitoring something is the best way to keep it up, so that's a draw for me. Problem is, it's only for the treadmill (or the run/walk exercise), so for days like today when I do the elliptical, there's no "record." Other than me talking about it (see bullet 3).

Anyway, nothing Earth shattering there. And really, what do I know, anyway.

Just gotta stay on this bandwagon and see how it goes. I've been adjusting the "diet" part of my health since the start of the year (no soda, more water, cutting out friends and chips when I can, etc), so now I'm adding the "exercise" portion. Hopefully I'll hit the right nix, but if not, just keep experimenting until I do. Who knows, maybe I'll even join a real gym so I can stopping flattering the five machines on the second floor of my building and writing "gym" in quotes.

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