September 16, 2008
Work It Out

I certainly won't claim to be the healthiest guy you've met. But, it could also be worse. Neutral as it is, I've decided to do something about it. It's about to get cold in Minneapolis, which generally prompts a slack in most people's workout ethics ((Claim unsubstantiated)). But me, I like to take something and do the opposite. So, while the bears and sun are hibernating,

I'm hitting the gym. I use "gym" loosely because it's hard to claim a pair of matching treadmills, one nicer one, two unmatched ellipticals, a stationary bike and nasty old weight machine. OK, it's not so bad, but for my rent, you'd think it'd be updated every decade. Regardless, my lazy butt is going.

It's day two, and despite doing nothing that any normally healthy person would be proud of, I am considerably proud of myself. Realizing that you can't run without walking, I'm starting small with taking a mile walk and dropping the time / upping the pace of it. I know that a mile isn't anything to be proud of (in fact, probably the opposite), but I've gotta start somewhere. And for now it's more an attempt at building back the endurance to actually go the distance. The long (long, long, long, long) term goal is to be a mildly competent runner, but I'm focusing on the short term get the heart rate up, drop the speed and up the pace.

But it wouldn't be something I'm doing without a gadget. Always in need of some motivation, I picked up the surprisingly inexpensive Nike+iPod kit. Since I think my parents read this blog and are perpetually worried about my spending habits, I'll point out that the kit did not include an expensive new pair of shoes. Rather, a small $9 pouch that slips over my laces with velcro. Anyway, I put this little receiver on my shoe, tap a few things on the ol' iPod, and away we go. One mile later, I head back up to my room (or stop off for some other forms of workout, like muscle things on the nasty-old- machine), sync up, and all of my hard earned telemetry is sent to Nike for pretty, Flash based charting. I get to look proudly at my pace over time, and they track over-time stats for me. Win-win. Another big perk of Nike+ is the neat little widget on the side of the page. Now everyone can see that I'm doing it and keep me honest in the process.

So there it is. My winter resolution is to get fit, and I do think this is the right start. Sure, it's not going to be an overnight change, and at some point I need to up the ante a little and either go longer or farther (or both). But, small steps. Every journey begins with a single step. Rome wasn't built in a day. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Space the final frontier.

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