Hi, I'm Eddie.

I live in Carmel, Indiana, and am a principal engineer in Stores and Supply Chain engineering at Target. Previously, I've worked for Salesforce (and ExactTarget, before they joined Salesforce), and done other odds and ends things here and there. More or less, I started playing with a computer some time in the early 90s and never really stopped. This blog has been around in one form or another since 2002, when I was a student at Indiana University.

Periodically, I'll write about the things I'm doing or find interesting. I want to do more of that, and hope you'll subscribe.

Sometimes, I've been known to speak publicly about stuff.

Every once in a while, I make little digital toys to play with and share.

Finally, I'm social, and you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn if that's your thing. You could also just email me, too.

About this site

Over the years, I've run a lot of variants of this site, generally driven by what I interpret is the current trend, or, what the cool kids are doing. The current incarnation is no exception. This site is statically generated by GatsbyJS from a combination of Markdown files for the blog posts, YAML files for other supporting but repetitive data, and regular HTML for everything else. As much as possible, I used TypeScript, but there is some JavaScript in there - I'm still getting my feet wet with TypeScript, so bringing the gap as best I can. It's built on GitLab running on a server in my garage, and hosted on a droplet at Digital Ocean (referral link). For the most part, this site was coded in Vim via Prompt on an iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard, though ocassionally I worked on it on my Mac. I really just wanted to see if I could.