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25 Jul

It's Supposed to be Difficult

11 Jun

The Next


05 Jun

What Happened to the Personal Database?


28 Jul

Starting Over Yet Again


10 Nov


04 Aug

Let’s talk about VR for a minute.

03 Apr

Airplane Mode: A Week in India

14 Mar

Random Thoughts on Podcasts


03 Aug

30 Days

26 Jul

Yet Another Blogging Engine

05 May

Do They Celebrate Your Birthday When You’re Gone?

24 Apr

One Day with Apple Watch


20 Sep

On Changing Banks, or, Why I’m Prepare to do Crazy Things to Use ApplePay

24 Aug

My Rules for Working from Home

20 Jul

Two Months off Facebook

30 May

Why Do I Code?

26 May

Fighting Developer’s Block with Writer’s Block

18 Apr

Why is Email Hosting So Hard?

25 Mar

Apple Speculation Time

09 Feb

A Wild WordPress Theme Appears

19 Jan

On Hot Beverages


21 Dec

A Year’s Duet with Sinatra

14 Dec

A Year’s Worth of Changes


07 Dec

Staying with Amazon

29 Oct

Moving to Amazon

13 Apr

One Month

26 Jan

CouchDB for Mac Installation

16 Jan

Switching to Uverse


31 Dec


25 Dec

So Long GoDaddy, and So Can You

14 Dec

Here We Go Again

16 Nov

On Being an Adult Male at a Gym Meet

07 May

Rails and Django, Round 2

24 Apr

Django Development on the iPad

17 Apr

Tables, DIVs and the Future

31 Jan

Yet Another Epic Gap in Writing


14 Sep

So Long, Twitter.


08 Dec

Exchange, Google, and a Tale of Family Organization

21 Sep

One Week Down…

16 Sep

Work It Out

29 Aug

Updates, Updates

26 Aug

Oh, the iPhone-manity

03 Aug

Programmer’s Dilemma